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Welcome to my web site.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the people of District 11 for the past six years.  

I started my adult life by serving in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam Era.  Now that I’m retired, I have once again volunteered to serve.

When my daughter learned I was thinking of running, her reaction was, Dad you’re retiring this summer and could go to Arizona or Florida for the winter, why would you want to go to Pierre, SD?

My answer was that she is busy raising my grandchildren and they are too young to stand up and ask why we are leaving them with our bills. When they become adults and ask Grandpa, where were you when they were spending our money?  I will be able to say, I was on the front lines defending you.

Since I’m retired, I have no vested interest in supporting the agenda of any company or industry. My only employer is you the people of District 11.

As you will see as you browse through this site, I have a 40 year history of Community Involvement and believe I can fairly represent your interests whether you are a child, a senior citizen, or somewhere in between.

Sen. Jim Stalzer